Genuine Leather iPhone 6, 6 Plus Case




    Amber Lu brings you a fashion forward case that exudes true luxury for your iPhone. The case is beautifully crafted with quality Italian leather fitted on the outer casing. The inside of the case is no less impressive with its inner lining of natural Japanese Microfiber, giving it a effortless elegance with added protection. The case also has a unique design function in the SmartHinge, that allows the iPhone's viewing angle to be adjusted horizontally, enhancing your viewing experience completely. In addition, you can talk freely on your iPhone while the case is fully enclosed, shielding you from radiating heat during long phone calls or mishaps with an errant earring or jewellery.



    v      Material: Genuine Italian leather, Japanese Microfiber, Built-in stand.

    v      Product Care: Avoid exposing to perfume, alcoholic substance and direct sunlight for long periods of time.

    v      Wipe with professional leather cleaning products only. Leather best preserved in cool dry places.

    v      Designed in USA.



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