Amber Lu Design | Launch

In partnership with US based designer & model Amber Lu, Nordic Enterprises Ltd brings you the fashion accessories lifestyle brand that will bring true luxury to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This extraordinary collection is made from high quality leather material from Italy that is perfectly crafted to the unique designs created by Amber Lu Design. The Collection gives users highly fashionable and functional quality carrying solutions for your favorite devices. It has a multi-patented feature that ensures that your phone | tablet | ultrabook is stylish and fashionable.
“ our smart gadgets are becoming so much more integrated with our personal lives, I created this line of cases that fit my lifestyle and personality, as a woman that wants something fashionable, functional and affordable. The Italian leather cases under my collection come in strong, bold statement colors that fit the women of today. It showcases the lifestyle of a modern woman, something that makes her stand out as an individual with a taste for quality and fashion.”   Amber Lu | Designer

Audrey Felix
Audrey Felix


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